It is overhaul season!

Get your bike in before Spring to be sure it is ready when the weather turns!

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Do you want a new Mountain Bike? Now is out chance to save up to $1500

Salsa has some excellent year end deals available in limited sizes.

Bikes available for order:
Pony Rustler Carbon SLX - MD ($4100 $2900)
Pony Rustler NX1 - MD ($2800 $2000)
Redpoint Carbon GX Eagle - S, M, L ($5100 $3600)
Redpoint Carbon SLX - S, M, L, XL ($4100 $2900)
Redpoint NX1 - S, M, L, XL ($2900 $2000)
Deadwood Carbon GX Eagle - S, M, L ($5100 $3600)
Deadwood Carbon SLX -S, M, L, XL ($4100 $2900)
Deadwood NX1 - S, M, L ($2800 $2000)
Woodsmoke SLX 27.5+ - XS, S, M, L, XL ($3200 $2300)
Woodsmoke NX1 27.5+ - XS, S, M, L, XL ($2600 $1850)
Woodsmoke NX1 29 - XS, S, M, L, XL ($2200 $1550)
2017 Redpoint Carbon XO1 - L ($4200 $3650)
2017 Redpoint Carbon GX1 - L, XL($3500 $3000)
2017 Redpoint GX 2x10 - L, XL ($2800 $2350)

Stop by or call to reserve yours! These won't last long!!

January Promotions on Everything!

45 North Apparel and Shoes                              Timberjack

Cannondale Bad Habit                                      Salsa Journeyman                 

Cannondale's New Topstone                     A Flock of Beargrease

Lights and Locks and Things                   Clothing from Endura

We have Salsa Beargreases and Mukluks in stock and ready to go.  

Beargrease Carbon NX Eagle - $2899.98Beargrease Carbon Deore 1x - $2299.98Mukluk Deore 1x - $1899.98
Beargrease Carbon NX EagleBeargrease Carbon Deore 1xMukluk Deore 1x


This is the most comprehensive service we perform on your bicycle. Your bicycle is completely taken apart; frame is cleaned and inspected, all components are cleaned and inspected, your bicycle is re-assembled with new cables and tape if applicable. Some cables and all parts required are extra cost. This service takes hours to complete and this is the time of year we can focus on your repair.  All bicycles will benefit from this service. Your bike will be perfect and ready for spring. You can arrange for storage to make more room for the shovels in your garage. 

If you have been thinking of going electric, now is your chance!

Beginning Tuesday, December 11, the Blix Prima step-through and step-over will go on a big holiday promotion at $1,999 MSRP (original MSRP $2,649) for a savings of $650 off! Unsure how long this is going to last, so come to CK Cycles and secure one while you can!


We would like to welcome Blix as our newest bike company!

From Blix:

"Since 2014, when we designed and built our first e-bike, thousands of folks have ditched their cars for a more enjoyable ride on the most stylish, comfortable e-bike around. We build every ebike with a unique combination of sleek design and high performance, specifically made for everyday transportation and leisure riding.

Founded by Pontus Malmberg, who grew up in Sweden, a country where a third of the people ride bicycles to work and for play, the mission at Blix is to see bicycles become sustainable transportation here in North America. Today, Blix has become one of the fastest growing electric bicycle manufacturer in the U.S. We make it easier to live a healthier and active life. We make short distance travel more enjoyable, fast and easy. For companies, we make commercial deliveries sustainable, while lowering transportation cost and shorten the delivery time. For cities, we bring streets to life, increase accessibility, improve air quality, and help our community become truly sustainable - environmentally, economically, and socially.

From our Santa Cruz HQ, we set the standard for world-class support and convenience. Our team of ebike experts is always available, and we make sure you always have a local point of contact for as long as you own your Blix. Visit one of our 100 stores across the country, or buy directly online and we’ll ship to a local shop wherever you are."

We have looked at many different e-bikes from many different manufacturers and Blix offers everything we are looking for.  A high quality, serviceable, bicycle with reliable electric assist options at a competitive price.  Starting at $1899.98

Stop by today to test ride the Aveny, and Aveny Step-Through models!

Blix Aveny $1899
-350w rear hub motor offering up to 40 miles per charge
-4 levels of pedal assist
-7 speed Shimano drivetrain with Shimano disc brakes
-Stylish front basket and rear rack
-Integrated front and rear LED lights
Blix Aveny Step-Through - $1899
-350w rear hub motor offering up to 40 miles per charge
-4 levels of pedal assist
-7 speed Shimano drivetrain with Shimano disc brakes
-Stylish front basket and rear rack
-Integrated front and rear LED lights

Bikes for everybody!

Whether you're a road enthusiast, mountain biker, a BMX street rider or a person just looking to ride a bike we can put you on a budget conscious bike to meet your needs.

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Featured products

Aveny Step-Throuh

Aveny Step-Throuh


Aveny Step-Throuh

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2018 Salsa Warbird Apex 1

2018 Salsa Warbird Apex 1


GRAVEL RACING / FIREROAD RIDING / ROAD RIDING Warbird is our gravel race bike, built off years of experience racing in some of the nation’s premier gravel events like the Almanzo 100, Dirty Kanza 200, and 340-mile Trans Iowa. Warbird is designed to survive and thrive on anything from the often-hazardous B-roads that make up much of the Midwest gravel scene to the fire roads that climb to the heavens on the coastlines. Riding a Warbird only improves your chances of a podium finish.

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Surly Big Dummy

Surly Big Dummy


Big Dummy is a long-tail cargo bike, which means that not only can you haul a serious amount of cargo, different accessories can be added to your Big Dummy frame and deck depending on what you want to carry. Being a dedicated single-piece frame, instead of an add-on to an existing bike, it’s stiffer and resistant to torsional flex, which provides a better ride and longer lasting frame than long-tail add-ons.

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If there is something you're looking for that you don't see, give us a call or stop by. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to find it for you and be price competitive. Thanks for supporting your local bike store.